Saleos Consultancy Services Limited was established to provide specialist tax consulting services to clients and fellow professionals.

We offer clients and fellow professionals direct access to the breadth of experience and knowledge earned by our Director, Matt Hall, in more than a decade with a leading UK tax planning business. Matt was a Director at RSM Tenon Group Plc until 2012, sitting on its National Tax Board, having been involved in its specialist tax planning business since inception in 1999.

Since establishing the Saleos Consultancy Services in 2013 Matt has built a significant client base and expertise in the Contractor sector; representing over 2,500 individual clients across multiple arrangements in proceedings listed at the First Tier Tax Tribunal in July 2019 and a similar number in Judicial Review proceedings challenging Accelerated Payment Notices.

Matt is also leading a legal challenge of the ‘Loan Charge’ on behalf of several hundred clients.

Matt is able to utilise that experience and expertise to assist clients and fellow professionals on all aspects of dealing with tax planning previously implemented, or to assess new planning strategies under consideration.

With the current political environment, HMRC's Litigation and Settlement Strategy and considerable press interest in tax planning both old and new, not to mention the General Anti-Abuse Rule, that expertise and experience has never been more valuable.