Clients to date

Our clients include private individuals, companies, partnerships and fellow professionals.

Saleos Consultancy advises clients on the resolution of HMRC disputes arising from the use of historic tax planning. We review tax avoidance schemes already implemented and offer an honest, frank and pragmatic assessment of their prospects of success and advice on how to proceed. We are happy to assist client's abandoned by the original scheme Promoter; taking on HMRC enquiry work with a view to seeing matters through to a pragmatic conclusion.

If resolution cannot be reached with HMRC we can also assist in the preparation of cases for litigation.

We can also provide an independent, honest assessment of the prospects, and risks, of tax planning strategies introduced to you, or your client. Our opinion will be based upon twenty years of experience in the field; now independent and with no vested interest in the promotion of any scheme.


  • Coordination and Management of Litigation Associations

  • HMRC Enquiry Powers

  • Discovery Assessments

  • Tax Litigation